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Toni Polo (Valencia, 1983) has developed since 2006 several intercultural initiatives across his project "Migratory Musics" about music, migration, identity and integration in collaboration with different NGOs and associations in Argentina, Spain, Senegal, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey and Mali. He has developed different radio shows like “Mundo Mali” in collaboration with Radio Kayira (Bamako, 2009/10),“MigraSons” and “Capitais da Groovalização”, in collaboration with Radio Zero and Solidariedade Imigrante (Lisbon, 2008/09), “Músicas Migratorias”, in collaboration with UPV Radio and NGO Jarit (Valencia, 2006/07) or “Antena del mundo” in collaboration with La Tribu FM (Buenos Aires, 2006). Also he has realized some documentaries with social conscience showing art and music like “Ruappers” (Portugal, 2010), “Bamakosmos: video-portraits” (5/10 min each video, Mali, 2009/10), “Les Couleurs du Thé” (56 min, Morocco, 2008), “No en Senegal” (45 min, Senegal, 2007).

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